News and Events

Oct 2016: MAINZ Summer School: "New Directions in Spintronics Research - Spin, Charge and Light" will take place at Fudan University, Shanghai, China, 09.10.-16.10. 2016

Jan 2016: Paper Ultrafast Metamorphosis of a Complex Charge-Density Wave published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Using ultrafast electron diffraction, we recorded the dynamics of light-induced transformation between two distinct modulated phases in the charge-density-wave system 1T−TaS2. The transformation takes place on the picosecond time scale, orders of magnitude faster than previously observed for a transition between a commensurately and incommensurately modulated phases.

Jan 2016: Paper Manipulation of charge transfer and transport in plasmonic/ferroelectric hybrids for photoelectrochemical applications published in Nature Comm.

Utilizing plasmonic/ferroelectrid hybrids, and studying the photocurrent as well as the femtosecond transient absorbance in different configurations, we demonstrate an effective charge transfer between the nanoparticle array and ferroelectric (PZT). Importantly, we demonstrate that the photocurrent can be tuned by nearly an order of magnitude by changing the ferroelectric polarization in PZT, demonstrating a versatile and tunable system for energy harvesting.

Nov 2015: New CRC on Spin Phenomena approved by DFG

July 2015: Paper on Collective modes and structural modulation in Ni-Mn-Ga(Co) martensite thin films probed by femtosecond spectroscopy and scanning tunneling microscopy published in Phys. Rev. Lett.

Mar. 2015: Co-organized the Focus session Structural Dynamics in nanoscale materials probed by ultrashort electron pulses, at the DPG Spring Meeting, Berlin 15.-20.3. 2015.