Job Opportunities

PhD Positions:

  • We have two open PhD positions in the field of ultrafast phenomena in advanced solids. Possible topics include development of time-domain THz methods, time-resolved electron diffraction and spectroscopy, broadband femtosecond optical spectroscopy, ultrafast magneto-optics, and their application to study advanced quantum matter (for details contact Jure Demsar).
  • Moreover, fellowships of the Graduate School of Excellence "Materials Science in Mainz" are available for exceptional candidates.

Our lab hosts several femtosecond time-resolved spectroscopic methods, ranging from time-domain THz methods, broadband white-light spectroscopy, time-resolved MOKE, to ultrafast transmission electron diffraction. In addition, advanced sample fabrication and characterization techniques are available at the Institute.

Potential candidate should hold a MSc or an equivalent degree in Physics or Materials Science. Preference will be given to candidates with experience in ultrafast laser technology/spectroscopy, magnetic materials, correlated electron systems or spintronics.

MSc/BSc projects:

We have several open positions ranging from instrumental development (time-resolved magneto-optics, ultrafast transmission electron spectroscopy, linear and non-linear THz spectroscopy) to studies of ultrafast phenomena in advanced solids (superconductors, density waves, magnetic shape memory alloys, ferromagnets, antiferromagnets, multiferroics..) by means of ultrafast optical and diffraction techniques (see Research).


We have no open positions at the moment, but welcome applications from researchers willing to apply for independent funding. Possible sources include:

Please contact Jure Demsar for further details.